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My name is Ashley Billone. I majored in mass communications, concentrating in journalism. I received my Bachelor of Arts degree from Iona College after graduating in May. Growing up in Rochester, NY, I always knew that I wanted to move near the city and fulfill my dream of being a reporter. My interests for coverage include news, fashion and entertainment.

Throughout my three years at Iona, I had two great internships with NBCUniversal. In my first internship with NBCUniversal, I gained TV/Production experience working with the Maury Povich and Trisha Goddard shows. I helped production assistants on taping days as well as confirmed audience attendance for show days. During my second internship with NBCUniversal, I worked with Bravotv.com and served as their editorial intern. My tasks included creating and managing photo galleries from popular Bravo shows such as The Real Housewives and Top Chef. The galleries varied from behind-the-scenes to features content. I also participated in weekly editorial meetings, where I was able to pitch ideas, discuss and analyze the website content.

I have also been published with New Rochelle Patch as well as Lohud.com. While writing for Patch, I was able to research and pitch ideas to the editor. I wrote, directed and produced my pieces, in which I wrote articles as well as produced video segments. As President for the Society of Professional Journalists, I had the opportunity to contribute to Lohud.com’s Westchester Elections article for 2012 and 2013, in which I constantly updated people’s reactions.

For the past year and a half I’ve been volunteering as a reporter for LMC-TV, a local TV station. This is my first on-air experience aside from working in the TV studio at school. Despite my busy schedule, I really wanted to challenge myself with something that I haven’t done before. I researched, pitched, produced and edited my piece with LMC-TV, which I was very pleased with.

Since graduating, I’ve worked at a number of shows, my most current being ABC’s ‘The Chew.’ I am a Production Assistant for their creative department and I feel right at home! What better job than to work on a TV show at a great network in Manhattan for their creative department pitching ideas, coming up with interview questions, and prepping for show days…did I mention the show is about cooking?!

For the future I want to pursue my path in reporting and entertainment. With my determination and hard work, I am willing to do whatever it takes to become a successful journalist. Although I know that journalism requires a lot of work and odd hours, I am drawn to this field because you are constantly on the go and looking for new things. It also requires lots of creativity and I like challenging myself by thinking outside the box.

Contact me: abillone12@gmail.com

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